Neoliberal management of the crisis is the snake eating its tail

When my mother died, she left me with nothing. Not even memories. I was adopted into my father’s family, but he never admitted to paternity. So for almost two decades, an entire family lied to me, despite appalling conditions and all the questions it raised. …

How crises, spirituality and age can transform dread to appreciation

I have clear memories of the moments and days after September 11th, 2001. I remember, after a long and dramatic day, wandering home with my partner and watching people play tennis in the shadow of smoke and ash — New Yorkers can be dead ass cold. …

Reflecting on five takeaways

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an action-reflection process of education, preparing the way for people to work as spiritual carers. This may be primary work, e.g. someone who wants to work as a chaplain, or it may be a secondary component of work that is already being done, e.g. …

In Praise of the Invisible

Focus has worth. Whether it is harnessed and utilized in ways that fulfill you, or it is taken in small moments that diminish you.

More and more time — for work, connection, leisure — is spent in front of screens. By focusing so much on…

Chris Turner

Interfaith minister & spiritual companion writing about spirituality, chaplaincy, and humanness— more at

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